Anven Therapeutics


Our pipeline features nine therapeutics to treat Alzheimer’s disease and offers unprecedented benefits:

     1. Definitive targets – antigens that cause Alzheimer’s

                      2. Definitive biomarkers – measure the antigens of Alzheimer’s

3. Inherently optimized- to guide the clinical trials

Therapeutic Collaborations

Faster, More Efficient, More Successful Drug Development

  • New drug developers can isolate definitive therapeutic targets and map epitope-gene-ID for precise immunotherapies.
  • Existing drug developers can now measure specific antibodies at every stage of the disease and monitor longitudinal trends during treatments.

For Clinical Trials

For Drug Development

For Clinical Trials

Acuurately identify responsive subjects

Retrospectively stratify subjects of past clinical trials

Longitudinally monitor subject’s drug response during clinical trials to develop Companion diagnostics

Prospectively recruitment subjects for future clinical trials

For Drug Discovery

Target Isolation

Definitively identify disease-causing pathogenic antigens.

Definitively identify disease-causing pathogenic antigens.


“Epitope-Gene ID” mapping to link immunotherapeutics.

“Epitope-Gene ID” mapping to link immuno-therapeutics.

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